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Product Overview
PVC Stair Nosing is a supplementary material to vinyl flooring to connect two flooring sheet. The melted rod can fully adhesive to flooring sheet, and perfectly fill the gap. We will customise to welding rod colours according to the flooring colours.
This is usually along with pvc homogeneous flooring and heterogeneous flooring sheet. It could be in school, hospital, sports court and other public places.
Product Parameter
Roll Length:100m per
Rod Diameter:2mm, 3mm
Thickness:align with the flooring sheet
Lifetime:15 years
Weld Rod is a supplementary material to vinyl flooring to connect two rolls. The melted rod can fully connect to rolls without any gap. 
The colour needs to align with floor colour.
Reliable sealing, reliable quality 
Water-proof materials, no bacteria breeding
Cost-effective materials, 100% recyclable
Tested to international standards for low VOC emissions
Inspection & Packing
Inspection: professional QC team with 15+ years鈥?experience
Packing: cartons packing; wrapping film package
Loading: 20 feet container; stabled with gasbags and belts
Sealing: one-to-one specific seal, safe and sound
Transport: corporation with 20+ shipping companies in the worldwideSupplementary



Large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machine price

Product Introduction: 
Large format make it possible to place several kinds of plates with different thickness at the same time and realize the automatic cutting in different areas.
The aviation aluminum gantry and segmented type welded lathe bed and the advance control system as BOCHU make the cutting accuracy of large format machine super accuracy, which can not be matched by cutting accuracy of the frame and plasma machine.
Technical Parameters:
Machine ModelCG-C2432
Working area24500mm*3200mm
Laser power3KW~40KW(Optional)
Repeat positioning accuracy卤0.02mm
Maximum speed90m/min
Specified voltage and Frequency380V 50Hz/60Hz/60A
ColorWhite+ Gray
LogoCustomized Service
Distance between rails4160mm
Machine overall dimensions24300*5500*1800
Z Travel135mm
Key Part:
Aviation Aluminum Gantry:
The new generation of gantry frame adopts aerospace standard and is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. After heat treatment, the overall strength , stiffness and stability of the beam are ensured.
The Segmented Rectangular Tube Welded Bed:
It is welded by multiple rectangular tubes. Stiffeners are arrange inside the tubes to increase the strength and tensile strength of the bed, the resistance and stability of the guide rail is increased to effectively avoid the deformation of the bed. High strength, stability, tensile strength, ensure the use of 20 years without deformation; The wall thickness of rectangular pipe is 10mm.
Cutting Head:
Original imported high performance and high efficiency special laser cutting head
Auto focus function, automatically detect the actual position of the plate.
Servo Driver and Motor-YASKAWA:
Adopt Japan YASKAWA motor with excellent performance锛宧igh accuracy and long service life
Wireless Remote Control Handle:
Wireless remote caontrol handle which is specially developed for BOCHU control system
Stable work
Simple operation
Reasonable structure
Small size ,eazy to carry.
Water Chiller--S&A Brand:
Dual cooling function,real time alarm,machine protection,can switch to intelligent temperature control mode.
Cutting Material and Range
For cutting a variety of materials, mainly used in carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel ,galvanized steel, electrolytic plate and other metal materials.
Cutting Range锛?/p>
Carbon Steel: 0.5-35mm 
Stainless Steel: 0.5-8mm 
Aluminum alloy:0.5-5mm 
Brass: 0.5-3mm
Cutting Samples
Application Area
At present,laser cutting is widely used in kitchenware(stainless steel cutting) ,fitness equipment,cabinet(electrical cabinet),mechanical hardware(sheet metal processing within 30mm),advertising LED,automobile(sheet metal parts) and other industries. CG fiber laser metal tube cutting machine can use for cutting of square tube,rectangular tube,elliptical tube .waist type tube,round tube,hexagonal tube,angle steel,channel steel and other metal tubes.Such as ,can achieve the pipe multi-angle precision processing to fulfil the oil transportation requirement.Large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machine price



China PE Mesh Bags

The main material of this聽Monofilament Mesh Bag is monofilament media woven with single fiber yarns, featuring uniform square openings and excellent strength. It is made with a heavy-duty stitching technique that provides extra strength and abrasion resistance and is very easy to clean and reuse, even after multiple cleanings without breaking. Because of its fine mesh, it is very protective and breathable, ideal for use when packing fruits and vegetables, shellfish or firewood.
The biggest advantage of this聽Monofilament Mesh Bag over fully sealed bags is its excellent breathability and visibility, making it easy to display your produce. We choose the best quality materials to produce these bags to ensure access to vegetables and fruits and to give them excellent tensile strength and durability. In addition to packaging, it can be used as storage bags and grocery bags.
NameMonofilament mesh bag
Material100% new HDPE
ColorPink, purple, green, yellow, blue, or as your sample
LabelAs the customer鈥檚 requirement
Size60*100 cm,55*95 cm,45*85 cm,35*70 cm,or as customer's requests
FeatureDurable, economical, non-toxic, ventilated,Environment friendly , appropriate, fashionable , waterproof, recyclable
WeightAs the customer鈥檚 requirement
TopReinforcement or with drawstring is available
Bag TypeMesh Bag
UsageUsed as the agricultural packing for vegetables, fruits such as garlic, giner,lemon,onion, cabbage, wood,etc.
Packing1000pcs/bale or 2000pcs/bale or as customers' requirements
MOQ100,000 pieces
Special RequirementsAs the customer鈥檚 requirementChina PE Mesh Bags



Customized Upright Refrigerator

Top mounted reach-in upright chiller - Asia style
Item NoDescriptionUnit Size (mm)Temp. (掳C)Capacity (L)Shelf (Pcs)
G0.5AL2F2 door reach in upright fridge700x760x19800~+105204
G1.0AL4F6 door reach in upright fridge1220x760x19800~+1010008
G1.6AL6F7 door reach in upright fridge1837x760x19800~+10160012
43鈩?working temperature
1. High quality compressor, fast cooling.
2. Pure copper tube cooling, better effect.
3. Stainless steel interior & exterior.
4. 60mm thick, high density cyclo-isopentane polyurethane foam, energy province electricity.
5. Solid, stainless steel, self-closing doors.
6. Galvanized sheet at back.
7. Electronic temperature controller(adjustable temperature range 0鈩儈+10鈩? -18鈩儈0鈩?.
8. Top mounted, removable integral refrigeration unit
9. Ventilated cooling system.
10. Auto defrost.
11. Adjustable feet or castor as an option.
12. The freezer voltage is normally 220V/50Hz. If you need 110V/60Hz, please contact us, thank you.Customized Upright Refrigerator